About Us
We never stop striving for the best.
Current State
Since our establishment in early 2016, the company has owned and operated a number of independent houses and apartment units in the Greater Vancouver Area with the total area of over 100,000 square feets. Recently, Phoenix Global Investment Inc. was involved in TEMPO multifamily project developed by Amacon in Richmond, British Columbia, which is expected to complete and deliver to buyers in late 2017. Furthermore, the company is currently engaging related parties on multiple land development projects in the Greater Vancouver Area. We are actively searching for investment partners to co-develop these projects.
Path Plan
Since September 2016, the company has been dedicating in becoming a public company in order to attract investment globally to fund our North American expansion plan. At the same time, we are trying to acquire properties in areas where the real estate market is currently suffering but has the potential to grow rapidly in the future. Meanwhile, we will continue developing our property management capacity and delivering excellent customer services to our clients.  

Our Partner

Phoenix Global Investment ("Phoenix") signed a service agreement with Jiangsu Hanrui Investment Holdings ("Hanrui") and officially formed a partnership with them in April 2016. According to the agreement, Phoenix becomes Hanrui's exclusive representative in North America and will partner with Hanrui on project development.

Hanrui is a state-owned company located in Zhenjiang, China. With the total asset of over 100 billion RMB and 1500 employees, Hanrui owns seven subsidiaries including Jiangsu Dagang Company Ltd., a public traded company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The cooperation between Phoenix and Hanrui marks the new era of Phoenix's development which features the utilization of foreign capital and global partnership. In the future, Phoenix will continue searching for meanful partnership internationally and imporving our global strategy.
“This is a huge opportunity for both companies. With Hanrui's capacity in China and our presence in North America, this cooperation will certainly go a long way.”
Ming Li - Founder, President & CEO