Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
President's Message
Established in early 2016, Phoenix Global Investment Inc. is a Vancouver-based investment company positioned with a focus on the financial and real estate markets. As a team, we aim to offer unparalleled services and excellent client experiences by providing diverse investment options and creating profitable profiles for our clients.

On behalf of our team at Phoenix Global Investment Inc., I promise to continue providing reliable investment opportunities to our clients and investors. We look forward to fostering long-term relationships with clients as their investment partner.


Li, Ming
Founder, President & CEO
Phoenix Global Investment Inc.

Executive Biography

Ming Li – Founder, President & CEO

Ming Li is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Global Investment Inc. He has more than 15 years of business management experience in local and regional organizations. In the past decade, Mr. Li held senior management position with several companies in China. Since 2009, Mr. Li has shifted his focus on international financial markets as well as real estate investments. With years of dedication, he has expanded his business to different geographical locations and obtained outstanding achievements. Under his successful direction, his businesses have already established a strong presence across North America.

Phoenix Global Investment Inc. is founded by Mr. Li in early 2016 with its operations in the finanical and real estate industry. Together with Phoenix International Asset Management Inc. and Phoenix International Wealth Management Inc., two financial companies also founded by Mr. Li, Phoenix Global Investment Inc. has been transforming into a full capacity financial company with expertises in insurance, finance, trade, legal services, and a specialization in the real estate industry. In the future, Phoenix Global Investment Inc. intends on maintaining its competitive edge in the real estate industry and continuing to build its reputation in other financial areas.

Dandelion Group Management Corporation is the property management arm in Mr. Li's business concept. Since its establishment, Dandelion Group Management Corporation has owned and operated numerous independent single-family homes and apartment units in the Greater Vancouver Area with a total asset value of more than twenty million dollars. In the future, Dandelion Group Management Corporation aims to become an established property management and investment company. To attain this goal, Dandelion has been actively searching for new investment opportunities and properties to manage in North America. Dandelion’s corporate value is to become an active part of local communities and to improve the lifestyles of residents.