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Our Services
Phoenix Global Investment Inc. specializes in real estate project development, management and financing. Additionally, we also offer rental, leasing, and property management services for the company’s properties.

Project Financing and development

We actively engage with developers to provide financing for their projects. We accelerate the speed of project development and help create communities of the future.  

Property Management Services

We offer property management services to residential and commercial properties.  We strive to achieve excelling performances for the buildings we manage and to satisfy both our tenants and clients who trust us with their properties.

Customer Service

Besides the ability to maintain high performance buildings, our ability to provide first-class customer service has been a factor of our growth. Phoenix Global Investment has its own comprehensive customer service system which is designed to create a positive rental experience and to retain existing tenants.

Tenant-Related Services

We provide various services for our tenants. These services include settlement services, home renovation and lawn maintenance. We have our own contractor team who would be responsible for providing these services.